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Students involved in the community

Vibrant Community

with us....
link into a vibrant community and share fun and enriching times together. 

A smile will welcome you to the community. At Cornerstone you’ll appreciate a rich and diverse partnership of students, staff and parents. 

Charting the course for a student’s personal educational journey is a process that is carefully considered. Students will share their school experience with a range of people who encourage and mentor the balanced development of each individual. Local industry and businesses are important players in this adventure as they provide vocational pathway opportunities as well as their time and experience in supporting Career Educational Programs. 

Outside the College walls exciting opportunities and links are forged with supporting congregations, businesses and the wider community. You’ll value the respect, service and care which is shown. And it doesn’t end for students when Year 12 finishes. Keeping in touch with College graduates, we invite them to significant events and functions. They remain special to us and have the opportunity to consolidate lifelong friendships. 

Sharing the educational journey with community makes the adventure memorable and fulfilling.