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House spirit

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Andrew (Old Scholar)

Nurturing Relationships

with us....
shine and grow in confidence through rich relationships with others. 

Opportunities abound for students to develop healthy and meaningful relationships with a diverse range of people in a friendly environment. Students learn to relate in respectful ways to staff and each other in class, on the playing field, in music groups, on camps and during the numerous activities which occur on campus each day. 

Multi-age Home Groups allow interaction between students from every year level. An increased understanding of the needs of others builds harmony, tolerance and connectedness. The structure and approach to subject classes in Years 8 and 9 also creates a supportive friendship and peer group, and smooths the transition into College life. Peer Support Leaders work closely with younger students, making them feel cared for and special. 

Life is built on relationships, the young and the old...age to age.

“For me Cornerstone was more than just a great education; it was a whole lifestyle! The relationships I still have, not only with other students but my teachers, are something I’ll cherish for a long time!”
Andrew (Old Scholar)