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Alison.. (Old Scholar)

Stimulating Learning

with us....
students are stretched to discover their potential...excited and challenged by endless possibilities for learning. 

Engaging students in stimulating learning is a challenge that is met with relish. Staff take the initiative when it comes to catering for the needs of individuals and groups of students. Creative timetabling caters for gifted and special needs students and allows for numerous innovative curriculum programs. 

Teaching and learning is tailored to the developmental stage of students. Middle Schooling methodology, covering a broad curriculum, is practised in Years 8 and 9 to guide students through the often turbulent adolescent years. Encouraging students to take responsibility for learning enables them to move towards being independent learners in preparation for senior schooling. Older students select individual pathways tailored to their academic and vocational needs. Emerging learning technologies are integrated across the curriculum for all year levels. 

New skills are learned and abilities developed through an exciting array of off-campus curriculum programs that foster independence and can be enjoyed by all students. 

A mind once stretched by imagination never regains its original dimensions.

“Cornerstone College truly does provide an education for life! Opportunities to develop gifts and talents through extra-curricular activities are endless, and importantly, you can choose to study subjects that are interesting and relevant for your future study, work and life.”
Alison (Old Scholar)