Resource Centre

Thought-inspiring Library Resource Centre – ‘Anakalypsi’

Anakalypsi is a dynamic learning space for engaging in learning, group collaboration or silent reading. Students have the ability to engage with resources 24/7 via the Accessit online catalogue that provides links to the latest print and digital resources and quality databases including Britannica online, Web links, e-library newspaper database and ClickView digital videos online.  The library landing page offers federated searching to enable information retrieval from other quality sites and libraries including the public libraries and State Library.

The Resource Centre provides students and teachers with a wide range of contemporary and classic fiction, graphic novels, non-fiction, magazines and newspapers. The library team is passionate about reading and learning for life and provides individual reader guidance, support with research, enquiry based learning and referencing. The library was the recipient of a Great School Libraries Award in 2016. We welcome students to an exciting information age with cosy and comfortable furniture, reading nooks and study areas.

DSC_0033         Reading Circle