Online Canteen ordering


The College offers online canteen ordering to access a wide range of healthy food choices, all year round. There are numerous staple items to choose from, including build your own roll, wrap or sandwich by selecting the fillings that you like. Also each week students can choose from a fresh and exciting ‘weekly specials’ menu. Please refer to the ‘FlexiSchools’ online ordering link below to view this week’s specials.

It’s easy to get set up for online ordering. Click here to download a full set of instructions on how to set up your ‘Flexischools’ account, so you may commence ordering online.

Then click here to go to the registration page with ‘FlexiSchools’ online ordering.

This easy system allows parents and students to place orders from home or school. Please note orders must be sent prior to 10.00am on the day.

To view the canteen menu/price list, please click HERE.