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Employment Opportunities

Vocation as ministry at Cornerstone College

Staff have been given the opportunity and privilege to be a part of the team at Cornerstone who are working together to serve Christ and in turn the students and families of the College community. Therefore staff may view their work as a calling to serve Christ.

All teachers and staff who serve at Cornerstone are encouraged to be professional and conscientious, seeking a high standard of performance to the best of their ability, as they use the gifts that God has given them in service of others. All teaching and other related administrative functions can be seen as a ministry for God as it is a part of the general care that God provides for creation. At Cornerstone, appointment to staff is appointment to ministry. Some staff will have direct opportunities to teach the Christian faith and to lead in devotions. All will have the opportunity to witness and model the Christian life in the day-to-day experiences of College life through their love, service, obedience, forgiveness, compassion, humility and honesty.

All staff are working with God in the development and growth of young people. Education is one of the significant ways in which God sustains his creation. At the same time Christian staff, through the work of the Holy Spirit, have the opportunity to witness God’s love through Christ, to bring others into faith relationship and to nurture the faith of young people.