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cibo bello, our beautiful canteen, aims to serve healthy food to students and encourage good eating habits.

cibo bello has sit down facilities which are made available to different year levels on different days. It isn't necessary for students to purchase food to use the facilities – they can still share lunch around a table with their friends.

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First Aid

When students are feeling unwell during the day, or need medical attention, they can come to Student Reception. Our Student Receptionist is trained in Senior First Aid and is on hand to assess the situation and take appropriate action.



The District Council of Mount Barker offers the adolescent vaccination program at this school as a safe and effective way to reduce the risk of disease for teens. Information packs are sent home to all students in the first week of Term 1 and should be returned even if vaccination is not required.

See our school newsletter or contact student reception for dates of visits.

On immunisation day please encourage your child to eat breakfast, ensure extra fluids are available and that sports uniform is worn. Your child will receive a record of vaccination on the day including the minor expected side effects of vaccination.

Contact Mount Barker council for more information on

Medication / Analgesic Management

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