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The 1990 architect's model of Cornerstone College

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Built on the dream of a group of dedicated Christians, Cornerstone College commenced in 1990 with 49 students, six staff and a collection of temporary buildings. The 16 hectares of magnificent land at Mt Barker now accommodates a student body of over 750 students from Years 8 to 12 and an array of specialist built, state of the art facilities.

“Christ our Firm Foundation” from Ephesians 2.20 was the chosen motto leaving no doubt as to the purpose of the College. The governance of the College continues to include members from Lutheran congregations and other Christian denominations in the Adelaide Hills. The theological basis of the school is that of the Lutheran Church of Australia and the College operates as part of Lutheran Education Australia.

Cornerstone College has become known in the Adelaide Hills as a provider of first class education for the whole child. 

On 25 July 2011, the College introduced a new logo identity to better reflect the changes in the local environment. Importantly the new design still carries the original motto, “Christ our Firm Foundation”, reflecting the continued significance of its Christian education.

The original logo of the College has been retained for official governance purposes and will be referred to as the College ‘crest’.

Logo rationale:
The College motto, “Christ our firm foundation” is the basis upon which everything the College undertakes and stands for.

This foundation is also symbolised by the cross which reminds us that the special revelation of God’s love for us is revealed through Jesus Christ.

The leaves flowing from the cross symbolise the fact that all of creation flows from God and as such, is worthy of our study through the lens of Christ. They also represent the general revelation of God’s creation in the form of:
• the natural leafy environment of the College grounds;
• our students’ learning journey and growth through the changing colours of the leaves.