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Educational Programs

To excite and stimulate the learning of adolescents and emerging adults is a real challenge that is met 'head on' at Cornerstone. Our goal is to create an environment, programs, strategies and structures that respond to the learning needs of individuals and groups of students. Approaches to learning are dependent on the developmental stage of students.

Structures such as Year 8 Core Groups involving two key teachers, and single sex Christian Living/Health/Physical Education classes at Year 9, enable an integrated approach to learning which is part of middle schooling. Through transition to senior schooling, students emerge as well equipped, independent, resourceful and responsible learners.

The curriculum at Cornerstone is built around:

1.A framework for Lutheran schools (Lutheran Education Australia publications)

2. The South Australian Curriculum Standards and Accountability framework (SACSA) for Years 8-10

3.The South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) for the senior years

2015 Course Guides

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