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Middle School

Teachers are committed to providing students with relevant, innovative, engaging and experiential learning opportunities. An important component of the curriculum is ‘learners learning how to learn’. Students need to be guided through the development of competencies and skills to assist the acquisition of knowledge and higher order thinking skills. These attributes are taught developmentally as students move through their formal schooling.

The curriculum for Years 8 to 10 is based around the South Australian Curriculum Standards Assessment (SACSA) Framework. This framework is based on a constructivist approach to teaching and learning that recognises students’ prior knowledge and understanding and develops and builds on this progressively.

Year 8
Core subjects:
Christian Living; English; Mathematics; Physical Education; Science.
Semester subjects:
Art; Chinese (Mandarin); Drama; Geography; German; History; Home Economics; Music; Technology.
Integrated course – Information Processing

Year 9
Core Subjects:
Christian Living; English; Geography; History; Information Technology; Mathematics; Physical Education; Science.
Semester Elective subjects:
Art; Chinese (Mandarin); Drama; German; Home Economics; Music; Technology.