The annual Inter-House Athletics Carnival was held on Friday, 6 March on Morella Oval. Naturi once again seemed to have competitors in almost every single event on the day; their participation enabled them to add another Athletics Shield to their ranks – winning for the sixth year in a row!

Final Scores:

  • 1st  – Naturi 2867
  • 2nd – Moorak 2412
  • 3rd –  Aroona 1854
  • 4th – Battunga 1810

Each year, every House selects two individual students to receive the House Spirit Award. This award is given to students who demonstrate commitment, sportsmanship and a positive attitude to assisting their House in a variety of ways. Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the House Spirit Award:

  • Aroona: Xavier Barnett (Year 9) and Cooper Ryan-Borbasi (Year 9)
  • Battunga: Nicholas Smith (Year 12) and Charlotte Treloar (Year 11)
  • Moorak: Brooklyn White (Year 10) and Nicholas Doyle (Year 9)
  • Naturi: William Robb (Year 9) and Lachlan Raymond (Year 8)

Individual students are also recognised for their efforts throughout the competitive events. Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the Age Group Runner Up, or Age Group Champion award.


  • Female Age Group Champion – Chloe Cotton NATURI
  • Female Runner Up ― Mia Haasbroek AROONA
  • Male Age Group Champion ― Harvey Raidis MOORAK
  • Male Runner Up ― Jesse Filmer NATURI


  • Female Age Group Champion – Amber Klose MOORAK
  • Female Runner Up – Amelie D’Arcy NATURI
  • Male Age Group Champion – Matthew Blandford BATTUNGA
  • Male Runner Up – Jayden Nunan NATURI


  • Female Age Group Champion – Mikaela R Jones MOORAK
  • Female Runner Up – Eliza Bell MOORAK
  • Male Age Group Champion – Thomas Small AROONA
  • Male Runner Up – Raphin Scharpf MOORAK


  • Joint Female Age Group Champion – Emily Kummerow AROONA
  • Joint Female Age Group Champion – Monique Raidis MOORAK
  • Male Age Group Champion – Jakkrit Scharpf MOORAK
  • Male Runner Up – Jyah England NATURI


  • Female Age Group Champion – Georgia Wyatt-Read NATURI
  • Female Runner Up – Karli Roberts NATURI
  • Male Age Group Champion – Lloyd Mensforth MOORAK
  • Male Runner Up ― Kade Harvey AROONA


  • Female Age Group Champion – Thalia Cresp AROONA
  • Female Runner Up – Zali Simes MOORAK
  • Male Age Group Champion – Zabien Parker-Boers NATURI
  • Male Runner Up – Thomas Roberts NATURI

Congratulations also, to the following students who broke records on the day:

The Athletics Carnival takes weeks of preparation, with a large number of people assisting to make this event possible. Thank you especially to the Maintenance staff, the Health and PE staff, cibo bello, the PT&F and all who assisted in a number of officiating roles on the day.

Dan Anderson
Health & PE Support Officer

Bec Salinas
Sports Coordinator