Student Drivers

Student drivers must seek permission from the Wellbeing Director or the Senior School Wellbeing Leader before using vehicles for transport to and from the College. Intending passengers of student drivers must also gain approval from both parents/caregivers of the driver and passenger, before becoming a passenger in a student vehicle.

The College encourages parents to carefully consider the risk of allowing passengers to travel with a newly licensed driver. Under South Australian Law, effective 28 July 2014: P1 Licence Holders may only transport one passenger, aged between 16-20 (unless passengers are immediate family members, or drivers have a qualified supervising driver seated beside them or they meet one of the other exemption criteria).  See for more information on this law.

With privileges come responsibilities and any abuse of this privilege will be considered a serious matter. Consequences for a breach of responsibilities will be in line with the College’s Behavioural Management Procedures.

Student Driver Application and Agreement forms are available from the College at Senior School Student Reception.