Bus Services

Cornerstone College students have access to a number of bus services.

  • Department for Education (DfE) buses (including Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus)
  • Southlink (public buses)

The safety and wellbeing of our students is always a priority and we are in regular communication with the bus companies to ensure the best interests of our students are being met.

Department for Education (DfE) Buses

Students who attend a non-government secondary school are eligible to use a DfE bus service, dependent upon their eligibility*.

These buses are managed by Mt Barker High School (MBHS) and service the following areas.

  • Echunga
  • Hahndorf
  • Harrogate
  • Kanmantoo
  • Macclesfield
  • Nairne
  • Wistow

The DfE Echunga, Harrogate, Macclesfield and Wistow buses arrive at MBHS in the A.M. from their various locations. Cornerstone College students are then transported via the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus to the Cornerstone College campus roundabout. The reverse occurs in the P.M. – Students catch the Shuttle Bus from the Cornerstone College campus roundabout to MBHS, disembark the Shuttle and then board their respective buses.

The DfE Kanmantoo and Nairne buses arrive and depart via Adelaide Road Stop 62.

The DfE Hahndorf bus arrives and departs from the Cornerstone College campus roundabout.

Please click this link to access the DfE Bus Services – Timetables and Routes

*DfE Eligibility Guidelines – for students attending a non-government school

  • Eligibility for Non-MBHS students in Years 7 to 12: Distance – Students attending a non-government secondary school are eligible to use a DfE bus service if they live more than five kilometres from the nearest government secondary school, that is their school of right. Usage – Students must use the bus regularly to maintain eligibility to travel on the bus (ie. travel on the service more than 50% of the time). Eligibility (distance) can be checked by accessing whereis.com.au, click on directions, entering in your residential address as the start and Mt Barker High School as the destination. This will give you the distance between your home and Mt Barker High School.


Application Process for DfE Buses

  1. Complete an application form.   (Click here to download form)
  2. Submit your application form to Cornerstone College at: [email protected]
    Please note – our receipt of your application form does not guarantee approval to travel on DfE buses.
  3. Cornerstone College will forward your application to MBHS on your behalf for processing.
  4. MBHS will assess the application, make the final decision regarding eligibility to travel, and advise Cornerstone College of the outcome.
  5. We will communicate MBHS’s decision to families as soon as we are advised.

Important information

  • Each student on this family form will incur a one off, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00 payable to Cornerstone College (charged to your College account).
  • It is recommended that families only complete an application form if their child meets the eligibility guidelines and are in an area that is serviced by the DfE buses, to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • If your child/ren are unable to access a DfE bus due to ineligibility or location, please refer to the SouthLink (Public Buses)
    section below non-DfE bus travel options.

Cornerstone Shuttle Bus

The primary purpose of the shuttle bus is for the transport of students between the College and Mount Barker High School (MBHS) to utilise the DfE bus services. Please note that all the DfE buses (except the Kanmantoo, Nairne and the Hahndorf bus) require the students to use the shuttle bus to and from the College and MBHS.

The shuttle bus is a LinkSA bus that is contracted to Cornerstone College. This service requires student to use their Student ID cards as they alight the bus. This service incurs a $1 per trip fee that will be charged to families at the end of each term (ie A.M. = one trip, P.M. = one trip).

In the morning, the shuttle bus  departs MBHS at 8.35am and travels to Cornerstone College. In the afternoon, it picks up our students at 3.21pm at the roundabout on the campus and goes to MBHS. Pick up and set down at MBHS is on Stephenson Street at the rear entrance to MBHS.

If there are seats available, the shuttle bus may be used for students to travel between the College and St Marks Primary School/Mt Barker High School. All students who wish to utilise the shuttle bus for this purpose only are required to complete a separate application form for ‘Permission to Travel’ at the beginning of each school year. ‘Permission to Travel’ must be granted in writing from the Principal of Cornerstone College (or nominee) BEFORE using the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus.

Click here for the Application for the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus Travel Only (ie not requiring a DfE Bus connection)

SouthLink (Public Buses)

SouthLink operates the metro services in the Adelaide Hills, including Crafers, Lobethal, Langhorne Creek/Strathalbyn, Murray Bridge and Nairne. Students need a Metrocard to catch these buses. For bus timetables or more information visit: adelaidemetro.com.au/routes or southlink.com.au, or call the Mt Barker Depot on 8339 7544

HILS School Bus

HILS school bus network is exclusively for the students of Cornerstone College, St Mark’s Lutheran Primary School and St Michael’s Lutheran Primary School. The bus services will provide our school communities with safe and reliable transport, to and from school, that is affordable, flexible and convenient.

Bus Routes

  • Bus Route #1 – Mt Barker
    • Newenham, Spring Lake, Minters Fields, Bluestone, Aston Hills, Waterford, Martindale
  • Bus Route #2 – Kanmantoo
    • Kanmantoo, Dawesley, Nairne, Littlehampton
  • Bus Route #3 – Uraidla
    • Summertown, Uraidla, Piccadilly, Crafers, Stirling, Aldgate, Bridgewater
  • HILS connections:
    • Cornerstone to St Mark’s / St Mark’s to Cornerstone (specifically for St Mark’s students)
    • Cornerstone to St Michael’s / St Michael’s to Cornerstone (specifically for St Michael’s students)

The bus routes will be reviewed annually.

Morning Routes & Schedules
Afternoon Routes & Schedules

Information and Terms & Conditions

Bus Cost

The cost per journey is $1.50 for regular bookings (where a bus seat is booked for regular and frequent travel during the school term) or $2 for casual bookings.

Where seats are limited due to demand, the HILS Bus Service gives priority to regular users travelling on a daily basis (morning and afternoon).

Book HILS School Bus here

Contact: [email protected]

Cornerstone Map with Bus Zones

Buses accessed at Cornerstone College

  • Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus (Zone B)
    (Transfers students to MBHS to access the following DfE buses: Echunga, Harrogate, Macclesfield, Wistow)
  • SouthLink 835 Lobethal (Zone A)
  • SouthLink 880 Balhannah (Zone A)
  • SouthLink 837 Nairne (Zone B)
  • SouthLink 881 Stirling (Zone B)
  • SouthLink 852L Langhorne Creek/Strathalbyn (Zone B)
  • DfE Hahndorf (LinkSA) (Zone A)
  • HILS School Bus – leaves from Paideia car park

Buses accessed via Adelaide Road – Stop 62

  • DfE Kanmantoo (LinkSA)
  • DfE Nairne (LinkSA)
  • SouthLink 864F Adelaide City
  • LinkSA Murray Bridge


General Information

In the event of any major changes to services affecting students as per below, the College will endeavour to send an SMS and/or an email to all families to communicate the circumstances and/or solutions.

We encourage families to discuss their preferred action plan for students to take in the event that a bus is not in operation, delayed or diverted.

Catastrophic Fire Day and Bus Services

On a Catastrophic Fire Day when announced by the CFS for the Mt Lofty Ranges District, Cornerstone College will be CLOSED. No students are to attend the College.DfE bus services, and the Cornerstone shuttle bus will NOT operate on these days.

Flood Warnings / Road Closures and Bus Services

In the event there is severe flooding and or road closure/s affecting the buses, the LinkSA DfE buses and SouthLink buses, will endeavour to continue to run wherever possible. Diversions will be put in place where necessary,.

During road closures resulting in major delays in services, the various bus companies that provide bus services operate under specific guidelines. Please refer below to each company’s website to view their guidelines.

For more information on buses, you can contact the Mount Barker Park and Ride on 08 8339 7544 between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm.

For enquiries outside of these hours, please contact Adelaide Metro on 1300 311 108.



Cornerstone College – Mrs Jo Powell | 8398 6000
Mt Barker High School | 8391 1599 | www.mtbhs.sa.edu.au
SouthLink | 8339 7544 | www.southlink.com.au
LinkSA | 8532 2633 | www.linksa.com.au


Timetables and Routes 

DfE Bus Services – Timetables and Routes (coordinated via Mount Barker High School)

  • Echunga
  • Hahndorf
  • Harrogate
  • Kanmantoo
  • Macclesfield
  • Nairne
  • Wistow

Southlink Timetables

LinkSA – Mt Barker to Murray Bridge and Adelaide

Guidelines and Protocol

DfE School Transport Policy
Cornerstone College Transport Protocol

Application Forms

Application for DfE Bus Travel
Application for Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus Travel Only (ie not requiring a DfE Bus connection)