Final reports for 2018 are currently being prepared by teachers for students. This completes our assessment reporting cycle for 2018.

This year teachers have been posting ongoing feedback and grades for assessments via Charis. Feedback from students suggests that the immediacy of this feedback is very helpful in their learning. I hope that you have logged into Charis to review this feedback for your child/ren.

The new Cornerstone App makes this information even more accessible. (If you need information on how to access Charis or the Cornerstone App please contact the ICT department on 8398 6099. All parents/caregivers have an account they can access.)

As you review your child’s report, consider their Learning Mindset and Approach to Learning, any final summative feedback, as well as their grades.

At Cornerstone, we aim to develop independent, life-long learners who take responsibility for their learning. It is a good time for students to reflect on their achievements for the year, and to consider areas for improvement next year.

A further aspect of their report to review is their extra-curricular involvement. Has your son or daughter involved themselves in some of the many opportunities afforded them through sports, lunch time groups, leadership and volunteering here at Cornerstone? 

Extra activities are one way that students can gain proficiencies in life skills such as leadership, organisation, collaboration, planning, teamwork, creativity and service.

The University of Melbourne highlights to their students the importance of developing transferable skills. These are skills that are developed and used throughout life in work and non-work situations.

While formal subjects help develop understanding and skills that can lead to necessary technical and professional information, capabilities developed in class and through extra-curricular activities further develop transferable skills which are readily adapted from one role to another.

Students may feel nervous about stepping out to join a new group, try a new sport or volunteer for an activity. However, the enjoyment of being involved, working with others and learning new skills is a considerable advantage.
It may also be the advantage on a resume that puts a student above another candidate for a job.

I encourage you to discuss the extent of your child/ren’s involvement in extra-curricular activities this year, and encourage them to plan for starting, or further involvement, in extra-curricular activities in 2019.

Julie Sampson
Learning Director