“How was your weekend?”

Wednesday, 03 May 2023

We are a forgetful people. If it gets to Monday and someone asks us, “How was your weekend?” often our mind goes blank!

As Christians, we prepare our hearts in anticipation of Easter by reflecting on the cross and its significance. The pause between Good Friday and Easter Sunday feels long and heavy, as we wait for the good news of an empty grave and a risen Jesus. And with Monday dawns the week after Easter. It’s easy to treat the Easter message like it’s an ending; the hot cross buns have been eaten, the chocolate eggs have (hopefully) all been found, Jesus is risen, and now it’s back to ‘normal life’.

But nothing was ever the same again after this event. It was a revolution. When a man who claims to be God rises from the dead, ‘business as usual’ simply isn’t possible! Easter isn’t just a time to pause and reflect on some nice truths we tend to forget about the rest of the year; it is the foundation of Christianity and the reason we have hope. Jesus’ death and resurrection brought a new life through forgiveness of all the brokenness that humans carry. It shows the whole love we receive from God for exactly who we are. If there was ever a time for significant life changes, it should be the week after Easter, because Easter is a beginning, not an ending.

Over Easter, our community had the privilege of watching the Passion Meditation, a beautiful play put on by our Year 12 Legacy class as a reflection of the Easter message. This week in Home Group, students reflected on questions such as, “What does a fresh start feel like?” and “When have you experienced a true fresh start?”.

I hope that this holiday break can bring our Cornerstone community rest and time with loved ones. One of the things I love about working in a school is the privileged feeling of a fresh start at the beginning of each term.

Morgan Brookes
Acting Wellbeing Director