Welcome, Principal Tom Brennen!

Monday, 31 July 2023

On Monday, 24 July at Opening Chapel of Term 3, we warmly welcomed and formally installed Thomas Brennen as the 4th Principal of Cornerstone College.

It was a special moment to have all four of Cornerstone College's former Principals present at Tom's Installation. A heartfelt thank you goes out to Mal Wegener (1990 - 2022), John Proeve (2012 - 2022), and Craig Fielke (2012 - 2023) for gracing us with their presence and joining in the celebrations. Your support means the world to us!

As we embark on this new chapter, we are filled with anticipation and eagerness to work, teach and learn side by side as a united community. At Cornerstone College, our shared mission is to nurture individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life. 

As a College community we look forward to embracing this journey, as we continue to build a vibrant and supportive environment that empowers each and every one of us to thrive. Here's to a future of growth, collaboration and endless possibilities!

Below is a short excerpt from the address Tom gave at our Term 3 Opening Service on Monday, 24 July.

"I firmly believe being a Principal is one of the best jobs in the world. There are many reasons why this is so – spending time with young people, undertaking meaningful work and being part of a community. The founder of the Lutheran church, Martin Luther, lived in the 1500s. 

At that time it was believed that only those who did work for the church – popes, bishops, priests and nuns, did important God ordained work. Luther changed this. He taught that everyone in the community had important work that God called them to carry out. He called this a ‘vocation.’ It is through these vocations that God forms and sustains his communities.

Students, you have a vocation. A critical one. Your vocation right now is to serve God and your community by fulfilling the role of student. You do this through giving your best endeavours, developing the gifts you have been given and caring for and supporting those fellow students beside you. When the challenges of the vocation of student come this term, remember that the work you do is important. It prepares you to fulfil your roles in the future in our society as engineers, musicians, doctors, leaders, teachers, nurses, tradespeople, or whatever vocation God will call you to.

Parents, friends and wider community members. You too have a vocational role to play in our community. Let us work to ensure that our students here at Cornerstone and in other schools across our nation have what they need to fulfil their potential as children of God. Pray and support our students in their vocation. Help them to give focus to their studies and encourage them to ensure that not only they develop themselves academically but also in character and soul.

To my new colleagues. What a blessing it is to be reminded today that God has called us here to Cornerstone to educational ministry. It matters not whether you are a member of senior leadership, a program assistant, a member of the office team, teacher or grounds and maintenance team – God chose you to be here at Cornerstone and to use your gifts to develop these young people in our care. It is no accident that you are here at Cornerstone in Term 3, 2023. God called you to this place and time to use your specific gifts to bless our community. 

When we are weary, when the ball seems to always bounce the wrong way, let us remember the importance of our God ordained work. What we do here matters, and God will provide us all that we need to bless our community."