Craig Fielke – Principal

This year, Cornerstone College will be commemorating 30 years since our establishment. This is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on our past, appreciate the present and consider the possibilities of our future.

Throughout 2020, there will be a number of events to reminisce, celebrate and reconnect with the people who have been part of our journey from 1990.

At last week’s Opening Worship, a number of thoughts and reflections revolved around birthdays and identity. There is little doubt that one element of our individual identity can be found in our birthday. It is linked to a time, place and people within our lives, and as we know, is often celebrated with things like kind words, cards, parties and presents.

Now, not all presents are equal and some we may find not entirely to our liking. The idea of regifting is a relatively modern phenomena, which entails the passing on of unwanted gifts to another ‘very fortunate’ friend or peer.

A recent study found that some of the most regifted presents include candles, gift cards, houseware, clothing, bath soups, gels and cream, books and perfume.

My birthday is coming up in March and I hope not to be given some of these ‘regifts’, especially the perfume.

So, what of Cornerstone’s 30th birthday and our identity? Well, these are things that we will celebrate and explore in 2020.As a starting point, it may be worth briefly reflecting on the statement you see in our College publications and communications:

We Love, We Learn, We Grow

This was developed a few years ago and was chosen for a number of reasons, including:

  • ‘We’ signifies our collective involvement and responsibility.
  • They are words of action and provide an aspiration for all regardless of individual abilities or talents.
  • They encompass the heart, head, hand and soul.
  • It is a contemporary and succinct way to express some core aspects of our College ― our mission, values, learning, wellbeing and our identity.

So, as we begin another school year, and we look to celebrate our 30th birthday, I encourage us all to explore, recognise, understand and live out who we are as a College and the essence of our identity.

Putting into action our identity is a ‘gift’ worth regifting and passing on, as it will make a purposeful difference in our community and beyond.

May God bless our learning, teaching and support in 2020.