It’s fair to say, given the fact Year 7 is still predominantly undertaken within a Primary School in SA, families have an important and sometimes challenging choice about when to make the transition from Primary School.

In 2014, Cornerstone College extended its educational offering to Year 7 and expanded its Middle School as part of this transition. This year we welcomed our second year of Year 7s into our community. Over the last 12 months, families have embraced this new opportunity and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. So I thought it was worth sharing the reasons why we, and our Year 7 parents, see the value in commencing High School in Year 7.

Obviously, I am a strong advocate for Year 7 moving to a High School environment, and here’s why – at the heart of my support is their readiness and the opportunities; be they social, emotional or learning, which match the developmental stage of the Year 7 student. Other reasons also include:

  • The ability to combine specialist Middle School teachers with the expertise of teachers in key learning areas.
  • Access to a wide range of dedicated facilities such as Design and Technology, Music, Drama, Art and Science.
  • The readiness, and often strong desire for Year 7 students to be stretched as learners and to be connected with older students.
  • The aspirational and inspirational environment senior school students can provide.
  • Greater capacity to effectively implement the Australian Curriculum.
  • Aligning with all other mainland Australian state educational systems, where Year 7 students are in a High School setting.

While I understand there can be great emotional, structural and financial challenges in moving all Year 7 students to a High School setting, I believe the opportunities are so much greater and a better match for today’s adolescent.