Craig Fielke – Principal

This was the headline bolded presented on the front page of ‘The Advertiser’ on Monday 30th April 2018. There was a follow up article which highlighted key aspect of a recent report on the review of the Australian education system and recommendations for the future. There was significant reference to the PISA “2015 World Rankings” in Reading, Mathematics and Science of Australian students. This statistic is based on PISA test results of students in all educational sectors of Australia.

More detailed analysis of the data reveals the following:

PISA 2015Australian Schools’ Average Score and (OECD Rank)Australian Independent Schools’ Average Score and (OECD Rank)
Reading Literacy503 (16th)544 (1st)
Mathematical Literacy494 (25th)532 (equal 5th)
Scientific Literacy510 (14th)552 (2nd)

Source: AHISA (Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia)

Regarding the PISA 2015 results, Australian Independent Schools, including Cornerstone College rank exceptionally well from a global perspective and out-perform all other educational sectors in Australia. More information about PISA can be found at:

There is always opportunity to make progress in education. I am a strong advocate for continuing to reflect on and interrogate current practice to ensure we provide the most effective and valuable learning for our students. I am also very confident Cornerstone has and will continue to be at the forefront of quality learning and sustained wellbeing for our community.