One aspect of quality education is the ability to critically consider the latest research and ideas that support and enhance the learning and wellbeing of students. While original ideas can provide wonderful inspiration and energy for transformation, often, the ability to refine and redefine previous thoughts also provide significant opportunities for progress. Carol Dweck is perhaps the most recognisable voice to the ‘Mindset Movement’, someone who has given an effective and meaningful language, and a tangible set of tools and strategies for learners to understand the why, what and how of improvement in learning. In simple terms, recognising brain power can grow and understanding how this will occur, provides learners with a sustainable ‘growth mindset’, realistic strategies and learning for life. Like Cornerstone College, many schools now intentionally teach and embed the thoughts and practices of growth mindsets.

If you have not had any experience in mindsets, perhaps a good place to start is with the following Ted Talk:  The power of believing that you can improve.

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