Craig Fielke – Principal

The year 2020 began with such hope and anticipation for the commemoration of Cornerstone College’s 30th anniversary and the number of opportunities to reminisce and celebrate.  I am sure, like me, many of you had other hopes and expectations from a personal, family and professional perspective. 

There is little doubt that Term 1 has seen our lives changed by the news, response and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid the challenges we have all faced in many facets of our lives and to varying degrees, it can sometimes be difficult to clearly see the way forward and envisage our future beyond our current reality.

Many of you would have experienced an opportunity to connect with Dr Tom Nehmy in his engagement with Year 8 students as part of our Healthy Minds approach to student wellbeing. You can see Tom’s story and the essence of his works at  

One key strategy Tom shares to manage our emotions effectively is to ask ‘the magic question’, which relates to considering what the most helpful thing is to do in a particular situation you find yourself. This term, we have all found ourselves in quite different and unfamiliar situations, and consequently navigating a range of options and decisions.

Sometimes this has been very difficult and may have left us with a diminished hope, anticipation and expectation for the future. I think one answer to ‘the magic question’, is to continue to have hope. 

I have found the following actions to be helpful in maintaining and sustaining hope.

  • Acknowledge and validate my feelings, seeking support as needed and trusting my capacity to persevere 
  • Commit to being optimistic in the midst of the reality and challenge
  • Seek ways to be grateful in daily events, actions and experiences 
  • Look for and share kindness and thoughtful connections with family, friends and colleagues

I also find my personal faith an enormous source of maintaining and sustaining hope. Lutheran Media, an arm of the Lutheran Church, has some wonderful resources that are worth investigating and engaging in with respect to hope. The messages of hope scan a wide spectrum of life and can be found at

“But now, Lord, what do I look for?  My hope is in you.”
– Psalm 39:7

We look forward to seeing student’s happy faces when they engage with our Online Learning Environment on Monday, 27 April.