Summer is one of the seasons that many Australians particularly look forward to, as they have the opportunity to experience and enjoy things like the sun, the surf, catching up with friends and the wonderfully long summer of Cricket… well each to their own.

I know for some parents, it does also provide some challenges, as they juggle a range of commitments while their children are not at school.

Well here is a list of some ideas that you may like to suggest to your child so that they get the most out of the break ahead. So sit them down and suggest:

1. Rest, relax and recuperate
It is important to be able to be able to de-stress from the year gone by and recharge for the year ahead. Catching up with friends, doing things you enjoy that you may not had much time to do, or taking up a new adventure are some things that may help.

2. Volunteer
There is a great opportunity to consider and actively pursue ways to support and help out your community in some way. At the very least, helping at home is a great start.

3. Take up a holiday job
This not only builds a range of skills, develops networks and improves your CV, it also provides a little more independence and choice with your finances.

4. Catch up on studies
Depending on your year level, a little preparation and organisation for the year ahead can help you ‘hit the ground running’.

5. Clean your room!!
Do I need to say anymore?

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Have a blessed and safe Christmas!