Craig Fielke – Principal

As Albert Einstein once reflected:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

So why is imagination important? Well, here are some thoughts, which I hope we all can reflect upon and utilise in the year ahead:

Imagination stimulates creativity and innovation.

Every field of human endeavour has been blessed and progressed by people allowing their imaginations to stretch and expand their thoughts.

Imagination is an inventive force for our future.

When we focus only on the day to day, we are prone to recreate the same experiences. But, when we use our imagination to focus on the reality beyond our current experience, wonderful change can occur.

Imagination compels and propels.

Thinking of the possibilities and opportunities can stir a strong sense of meaning and purpose.

Imagination provides a sense of awe.

Perhaps this can be best exemplified by children playing, and the joy and marvel that imagination brings.

Imagination can help us to deal with the challenges we face in our world.

Imagination can enable us to take some time out, recharge, refocus and empower us to cope with what may otherwise seem insurmountable.

In short,
Imagination enables us to wonder, think and act to a width that we would otherwise believe to be impossible, and to hope, connect and serve to a depth we would otherwise think impossible to believe.