Cornerstone College Leadership Team

Summit to School is our traditional last day of Term 3 and a wonderful opportunity for our community to connect with each other and participate in an event with an equal measure of friendly competition, cooperation and fun.
It is also a time to enjoy the natural environment together, to get outside, experience fresh air and space, and have a time to think, laugh and talk. The Talent Show is always an enjoyable end to the day.

Summit to School is a great way to mark the end of the term and a fitting beginning for the holidays.
Holidays provide an important opportunity for rest and relaxation.

Away from the daily routine of school, students also have the time and space to engage with other interests and activities.
We acknowledge that for our Year 12 students, there will need to be time to have a dedicated focus on the final commitments of their academic year. We wish them every blessing in their study and preparations for final assessments in Term 4.
Our child/ren might not tell us, but they often crave spending time with family and friends over the holidays. If you can, find time to create some new memories, whether it be going to a movie together, visiting a museum, going on a bike ride, taking a short trip away camping, or simply spending time baking or completing tasks together.

Spending face to face time with friends (not through social media) is also important. While two-thirds of teenagers communicate with friends daily on social media, just over one in 10 see friends in person during the holidays. Maintaining and investing in time with friends contributes significantly to the strength and depth of meaningful relationships.
Finally, holidays provide an opportunity for our children to reflect on how they are going at school and to set some goals for Term 4. We encourage parents to have conversations to provide support and direction in this area.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and your family safe over the term break. We look forward to students returning for Term 4 on Monday, 15 October.