Shane Schoff | Deputy Principal

Our mission at Cornerstone is to provide a caring Christian community nurturing within students a growing relationship with Christ which promotes individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life.

We share this significant responsibility in preparing young people to lead successful and productive lives. The Australian Professional Standards for Teachers reflect and build on national and international evidence that teachers have a powerful impact on students. Teachers can be a source of inspiration and, equally importantly, provide a dependable and consistent influence on young people as they make choices about further education, work, and life.

Our strong standards are clear and detailed about what is valued in the teaching profession. The standards articulate what is high-quality practice and provide a tool for teachers to reflect on their skills, capabilities, and practice to identify focus areas for growth and development.

At the heart of a thriving learning community, you will find thriving learners.

One of our strategic intentions is to ‘champion best practice in professional learning.’ Each year our teaching staff establish and pursue their own professional learning goals, either individually or through collaborative projects. This approach provides opportunities for staff to strengthen relationships and collaborative skills while building a collective responsibility for improvement. Our vision at Cornerstone includes building a culture of innovation in professional learning, that empowers teachers to try new ideas and, ultimately, improve student learning.