Gifted and Talented Program

We offer a range of enrichment and extension learning opportunities to meet the needs of gifted and talented students.

STRETCH (STudents Requiring Extension Through CHallenge) is an innovative and inspiring program that stimulates, extends, enriches and engages young people with high intellectual ability and potential.

Unique to Cornerstone College, the STRETCH program is offered to selected students in Years 7 to 10.

Students may be extended by:

  • Careful, in-class acknowledgement by the class teacher
  • Participation in the online classroom – collaborating with peers and undertaking extension modules of work
  • Invitation to co-curricular programs, e.g. Tournament of Minds
  • Specialised programs run by the ‘STRETCH’ Coordinator
  • Personalised extension projects
  • Access to external programs as they arise, e.g. university invitations to special programs, gifted and talented programs, subject-specific clubs, etc.
  • Acceleration, e.g. participation in extension mathematics classes during student study time
  • Engaging with a mentor in a specific area of interest.

“"I really enjoy pushing myself through the STRETCH program, and I get to do it with like-minded friends in a supportive and encouraging environment." Liam, Year 9”