Jack (Year 9) | Battunga Middle School House Leader

Altitude Day hosted by YLead was a day that the Middle School House Leaders were invited to due to our work thoughout the year.

Mrs Filmer and Mr Pearce chaperoned us at the Convention Centre as we heard from various speakers, talked with others and explored our dreams whilst also being entertained.

Before the three keynote speakers we had a chance to talk to students from other schools. We found out about some of the things that happen around leadership in their schools. I found this day enjoyable and very inspiring as I’m sure my fellow House Leaders did.

The two hosts started by talking us through how we could achieve our dreams. They went through a booklet and listed off steps such as making a plan, following through with said plan and then changing the plan as life goes on so your plan changes with you. After that we had a short recess and took our seats for our first keynote speaker.

The first keynote speaker, Sarah Freeman, was very inspirational and full of knowledge. She seemed to really gel with a lot of the kids. The early activities consisted of main points about leaders and following your biggest dreams, a lot of us were inspired by that. We got to meet up with a bunch of students from different schools and it seemed like a very fun way to make things less awkward.

The second keynote speaker, Gene Phao, talked about his musical journey and his desire for greater fulfillment in his life. I found Gene inspiring as I am a musician myself and hearing his journey made me feel better about taking the first step in my journey. Hearing someone else say that they went all in and came out the other side was just reassuring.

The third keynote speaker spoke about being blind since he was sixteen. His story was sad but he made it appear better than I could imagine it would be. He spoke about his struggles when he set a world record Spartan Run.

He had to have everything described to him while he made the run. This was really inspiring because he made reference to his best friend who helped him the whole time.

The day was filled with silly dances, talking with new friends and chances to expands your thinking. I enjoyed being around people for the day who wanted you to chase your biggest dreams. I believe that this day would help future leaders achieve their dreams and it has encouraged me to follow mine.