Catastrophic Fire Day

It is now recognised that there are some days when it is inadvisable to travel on regional roads and inadvisable to stay in many areas, due to the risk of fire. On these days, it is unlikely that a significant bushfire would be contained and the Country Fire Service (CFS) and the South Australian Government have subsequently named them ‘Catastrophic Fire Days’.

Cornerstone College is located in the Mount Lofty Ranges Fire Ban District and Cornerstone College’s Bushfire Risk Status, is designated as “OUTSIDE the Bushfire Safer Places” zone in Mount Barker.

When a property location gets an “Outside the Bushfire Safer Places” result, it means the location provided is not within the defined areas Bushfire Safer Precinct (Outer suburbs and rural settlements). It is important to understand in this scenario that the property location is at risk from bushfire.


Cornerstone College will remain CLOSED on a Catastrophic Fire Day when announced by the CFS for the Mt Lofty Ranges District.