Why Cornerstone?

Quality and care are integral to Cornerstone College, and we partner with families to empower students to flourish as learners and as people.

Our passionate, experienced and dedicated staff provide authentic and inspiring learning opportunities, and together, create an environment where students strive for individual excellence, learn from their mis-steps and celebrate their achievements.

“It has a warm family feel about it. I’m proud to send my child to the College.” Parent/caregiver, 2021 Satisfaction Survey

Cornerstone is at the forefront of current and innovative educational thinking, thanks to our constant focus on delivering best practice in teaching and learning. Underpinning this, is the school’s commitment to building and sustaining quality relationships that support, nurture and equip students with the life skills to make a positive difference in the local and global community.

We are a creative, forward-thinking and caring school that values its connections to the community and lives up to its mission.