Experience tells us that happy and well-cared for students learn best. Our holistic Pastoral Care program strives to build positive self-worth in students, which in turn leads to growth in confidence and resiliency.

Wellbeing and Pastoral Care

The social and emotional learning, personal development, and care of each student is our key priority at Cornerstone. A students emotional, psychological and social wellbeing impacts their ability to think, feel and act. It also determines how they handle stress, make choices and relate to others. 

In today’s chaotic and everchanging world our young people need support and guidance to navigate through a multitude of emotions that impact mental health and wellbeing. 

At Cornerstone, Dr Tom Nehmy’s Healthy Minds Program is delivered across all year levels, with an extensive and age appropriate focus on our year 8 students where we facilitate an 8 week program targeting key concepts that impact adolescents and their mental health and wellbeing. 

At the heart of our pastoral care system are the relationships that our young people form with their teachers and each other. Through pastoral care and wellbeing support, we aim to make a positive difference to society through nurturing and supporting students to understand their unique gifts and talents. 

We equip our students with the skills and coping mechanisms so they can process and work through challenges. We aim to instil values and practical life skills that will extend beyond the classroom. 

The Rite Journey which is delivered in year 9 significantly contributes to the development and wellbeing of every young person and is a crucial rite of passage as students transition from middle school to senior school. It supports the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient, resourceful and reflective adults.

We hope to support your childs development journey to become a global citizen and are prepared for the world that awaits them.

"We value the Pastoral Care Program and the care shown by my child's teachers in guiding them to achieve their best. It is a well-balanced school experience for our child."

Parent/caregiver, 2021 Satisfaction Survey

Restorative Practices

In seeking to build a safe, caring and positive community at Cornerstone, we use an approach called Restorative Practices, acknowledging that healthy relationships are essential for our lives, our learning and our community.

The approach encourages fairness, and a culture of listening across our school community that brings healing and a sense of connection. 

House Systems

Students begin each day with their Middle School or Senior School home group of around 18 to 20 students, under the guidance of a home group teacher.

Middle School home group meets with its paired Senior School home group each fortnight, enabling peer mentoring and an eventual smooth transition to Senior School.

Home groups belong to a House ‘family’, led by House Leaders, who, together with home group teachers, focus on the spiritual, emotional and social development of each student. There are four houses comprising five Middle School and five Senior School home group.

  • Aroona; meaning ‘running water’
  • Battunga; meaning ‘a place of large trees’
  • Moorak; meaning ‘mountains’
  • Naturi; meaning ‘sandy soil’

"It is a school with good values that will give our children a solid foundation to move into the adult world."

Parent/caregiver, 2021 Satisfaction Survey