Senior School

Year 10 to Year 12

We recognise that by the time students reach Senior School they are approaching young adulthood and have changing needs. They are ready to take more responsibility for their own learning, to use their own initiative, and to work independently.

Senior School students are encouraged to challenge themselves, build on their potential, and explore a myriad of learning possibilities. 

Cornerstone’s Senior School offers an extensive range of subjects, allowing students to achieve their goals and reach their desired career pathway – via university and TAFE studies, apprenticeships and traineeships, or directly into employment.

What I value the most is the Music and Drama program and the school's ability to make education that I'm interested in enjoyable and easy to learn.

2021 Student Satisfaction Survey

We understand that, by encouraging our students to embrace challenges, be intrigued by mistakes and relish effort, they develop into lifelong learners. And as they move to greater independence and responsibility for their learning, they foster with their teachers a relationship built on trust, respect and collaboration.

Discover the comprehensive Senior School Course Guide below.