Indoor & Outdoor Sports Facilities

Outdoor playing surfaces

The main outdoor playing surface is Morella Oval and was established under the careful guidance and direction of world-renowned turf specialist, Les Burdett. 

An exceptional playing surface with an area of 165m x 125m, comparable with stadiums utilised by the Australian Football League throughout the nation. 

The oval has a couch and rye turf surface which is capable of draining at a rate of 50mm per hour. This is made possible through a special blend of base soil laid beneath the turf to avoid water sitting on the surface for any period of time. 

Morella Oval is maintained to a very high standard and is kept in a state of readiness for any suitable function. It is able to accommodate many sporting requirements falling under the categories of ball sports and athletics.

It has also been utilised as a temporary campground and as a country fair site. 

Parking is very close by with a sealed car park on one side of the oval and open field parking on the other. All activities on the oval can be observed closely from fully grassed perimeter locations.

We also have the following outdoor playing surface available for community hire:

  • Green Patch 
  • Astroturf Hockey Pitch 
  • Astroturf Tennis Courts x 4
  • Acrylic Sporting Surface Netball / Basketball Courts 

Inbarendi Gymnasium

Inbarendi gymnasium features a high ceiling space, a mezzanine entry level and large windows just below the roof line ensuring an abundance of natural light.


Vehicle access is possible from both ends of the building to support the loading and unloading of goods, as well as being suitable for positioning large displays, vehicles and equipment. The access road provides easy pick-up and drop-off of passengers and large passenger vehicles.