Department for Education (DfE) Buses

Students who attend Cornerstone College are eligible to use a DfE bus service, dependent upon their eligibility*.

These free buses are managed by Mt Barker High School (MBHS) and service the following areas.

  • Echunga
  • Hahndorf
  • Harrogate
  • Kanmantoo
  • Macclesfield
  • Nairne
  • Wistow (including Highland Valley)

The DfE Echunga, Harrogate, Macclesfield and Wistow buses arrive at MBHS in the A.M. from their various locations. Cornerstone College students are then transported via the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus to the Cornerstone College main roundabout. The reverse occurs in the P.M. – students catch the Shuttle Bus from the Cornerstone College main roundabout to MBHS, disembark the Shuttle and then board their respective buses.

The DfE Kanmantoo and Nairne buses arrives and departs via Adelaide Road Stop 62.

The DfE Hahndorf bus arrives and departs from the Cornerstone College campus main roundabout.

*DFE Eligibility Guidelines - for students attending a non-government school

Eligibility for Non MTBHS students in Years 8 to 12: 

Distance – Students attending a non-government secondary school are eligible to use a DfE bus service if they live more than five kilometres from the nearest government secondary school, that is their school of right. Usage – Students must use the bus regularly to maintain eligibility to travel on the bus (ie. travel on the service more than 50% of the time). Eligibility (distance) can be checked by accessing, click on directions, entering in your residential address as the start and Mt Barker High School as the destination. This will give you the distance between your home and Mt Barker High School.

Application Process for DfE Buses

  1. New users need to complete an application form. Click here to download form.
  2. Submit your application form to Cornerstone College at: 
    Please note – our receipt of your application form does not guarantee approval to travel on DfE buses.
  3. Cornerstone College will forward your application to MBHS on your behalf for processing. 
  4. MBHS will assess the application, make the final decision regarding eligibility to travel, and advise Cornerstone College of the outcome.
  5. We will communicate MBHS’s decision to families as soon as we are advised.
Important information
  • Each student on the application form will incur a one off, non-refundable processing fee of $20.00 payable to Cornerstone College (charged to your College account).
  • It is recommended that families only complete an application form if their child meets the eligibility guidelines and are in an area that is serviced by the DfE buses, to avoid unnecessary charges.
  • If your child/ren are unable to access a DfE bus due to ineligibility or location, please refer HILS School Bus and SouthLink sections of our website for alternative non-DfE bus travel options.