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Friday, 12 Apr 2024

Governor’s Civics Award for Schools

Year 9 Individual Award  Emily for her Geography Task Year 7 – 10 Group Award For their involvement in the Reconciliation Events – Celebration Day and ChapelJade (Year 8)Toby (Year 10)Edith (Year 8)Alice (Year 8)Taylor (Year 8)Year 12 - SACE Award  Milika Filmer (2023)for her Research Project
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Friday, 01 Mar 2024


As a College, we have committed ourselves to help our students have the highest of expectations of themselves this year. As I’ve written before, what students expect of themselves continues to be one of the biggest predictors of academic success. As an educator, my first job after forming a positive relationship with a...
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Wednesday, 13 Dec 2023


It is difficult for us to find time to stop at this time of year. Stopping is such a valuable tool for it allows us to give thanks for the blessings we have in our community in the Adelaide Hills. As you gather together at Christmas − students, families, friends...
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Wednesday, 27 Sept 2023

Building Positive Habits for Lifelong Learning

Two popular books I have read recently, and highly recommend, are James Clear’s Atomic Habits and Adam Grant’s Think Again. They have led me to reflect on how we support young people at Cornerstone with some of their key ideas. Atomic Habits offers a roadmap for making profound and...
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Wednesday, 27 Sept 2023

What mistakes have you made lately?

Life wasn’t always like this for its owner/inventor, James Dyson. Before he had success with his revolutionary dual cyclone vacuum, he developed over 5,000 prototypes and initially struggled to find a buyer for his invention. You could say he made over 5,000 mistakes before he got it right!  Learning from...
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Thursday, 29 June 2023

Year 10 Music Elective track releases

They’ve been composing original contemporary songs in small ensembles all semester. From lyrics to melody, harmony to instrumentation, they've analysed, critiqued, and reflected. Finally, on 29 June, they were done! Thanks to Mr. Matthew Cooper who owns Treetop Studios and is also our amazing Music and Drama LSO, the classroom...
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Tuesday, 13 June 2023

Reconciliation and the importance of First Nations History and Culture

At Cornerstone College, our vision for reconciliation is to build positive relationships and understanding between all members of our community so they can continue to be ambassadors beyond their College life. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the original Custodians of the Land and our histories, cultures and identities...
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Wednesday, 19 Apr 2023

Students at the Go Foundation lunch

Four students attended the GO Foundation Lunch held at Bird in Hand Winery on Friday, March 17, 2023. The students had the opportunity to showcase their artwork, which was auctioned off during the event to raise funds for the GO Foundation. The auction of their artwork helped to raise $2,000...
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Friday, 17 Feb 2023

Generation Alpha

Shane Schoff, Acting Principal
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