Cornerstone Shuttle Bus

The primary purpose of the Shuttle Bus is for the transport of students to and from the College and Mount Barker High School (MBHS) to utilise the DfE bus services. 

Please note that all the DfE buses (except the Kanmantoo, Nairne and the Hahndorf bus) require the students to use the Cornerstone Shuttle Bus to and from the College and MBHS.

The Shuttle Bus is a LinkSA bus that is contracted to Cornerstone College. This service requires student to use their Student ID cards as they alight the bus. This service incurs a $1 per trip fee that will be charged to student term fees (ie A.M. = one trip, P.M. = one trip).

This Shuttle Bus picks up Cornerstone College students at 3.21pm at the roundabout on the campus and goes to MBHS. In the morning it departs MBHS at 8.35am and travels to Cornerstone College. Pick up & set down at MBHS is on Stephenson Street at the rear entrance to MBHS. For more information on this service call Cornerstone College or LinkSA.

If there are seats available, the Shuttle Bus may be used for students to travel between the College and St Marks Primary School/Mt Barker High School – All students who wish to utilise the Shuttle Bus for this purpose only are required to complete a separate Application Form for ‘Permission to Travel’ at the beginning of each school year. ‘Permission to Travel’ must be granted in writing from the Principal of Cornerstone College (or nominee) BEFORE using the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus

Click the tile below for the Cornerstone College Shuttle Bus Travel Only (ie not requiring a DfE Bus connection) Application Form.