Our uniform is designed to be comfortable and smart. We believe the uniform encourages equality between students and also gives them a clear identity as a part of the College community. There is a summer and winter uniform as well as a physical education uniform. Students can choose to wear the winter uniform all year round but it is compulsory to wear it in Terms 2 and 3. This includes wearing the blazer or jacket to and from school.

Wearing the uniform correctly and neatly encourages students to take pride in their appearance, a beneficial lifelong skill.

All items of the uniform, except for shoes and school bags, are available from Worklocker (formerly The Uniform Shop), located in the Mount Barker Homemaker Centre. Shoes and bags can be purchased from Fairley’s Shoe Stores in Mount Barker and Stirling.

The College operates a Second Hand Uniform shop (located next to EFM gym).

From Week 2 (Term 4) the Second Hand Uniform shop will be open by appointment with Sally Yusa on: 8398 6000

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
    9.00am-11.00am | 3.00pm-4.30pm

Please note the Second Hand Uniform shop is CLOSED Thursday, 1 November.

You may sell your old uniform, which is still in good condition, on consignment. Funds raised through the sale of second hand uniforms directly support the PT&F Association.

Please drop in to the Communications and Engagement Office to arrange sale of your items, or call Sally Yusa on 8398 6000 to arrange your appointment.

Please click HERE to view the ‘How to wear your uniform’ brochure.