Parents, Teachers and Friends (PT&F)

All Parents, Teachers and Friends’ (PT&F) of Cornerstone College are members of the PT&F together with teachers, past parents and Old Scholars. PT&F events and fundraisers are organised by a group of volunteers whose primary focus is to build community, to support College events, and to assist in fundraising for special projects.

We friend-raise by:

  • Reaching out to build a caring and welcoming faith filled community which seeks to involve all its members;
  • Fostering a high level of social and educational interaction between home and school;
  • Assisting Parents and Caregivers to partner with the College through their participation in school programs;
  • Updating parents on events and activities occurring at the College or within the community;
  • Providing educational forums for Parents and Carers to support them in their child/ren’s learning and wellbeing at home and at school;
  • Encouraging volunteers at the College to enhance events as well as to provide opportunities for student mentorship and work experience;
  • Recognising the importance of community to the Adelaide Hills and seeking meaningful opportunities to strengthen the connection.

We fund-raise by:

  • Assisting in the development and support of events and activities associated with the social, sporting, cultural and educational life of the school community;
  • Looking for opportunities to connect and fulfill the needs of parents;
  • Enhancing community engagement with the Second Hand Uniform Shop.

We advocate by:

  • Supporting the strategic direction of the College;
  • Working closely with the Senior Leadership Team, in particular the Principal, Mr Craig Fielke, to achieve common goals;
  • Representing the interests of the whole parent body;
  • Providing additional resources which enhance opportunities and programs at the College for the benefit of students, staff and the wider community;
  • We welcome all and hope that you will join us on a regular basis.

The PT&F Committee meet on the first Wednesday of every month (during school terms) at 7.30pm in the Communications & Engagement office (under inbarendi gymnasium). All welcome.

Term 1

  • Wednesday, 5 February
  • Wednesday, 4 March
  • Wednesday, 1 April

Contact us
Greg Hall, President – 0417 809 918
Colleen Bradfield, Vice President – 0401 576 550
Louise Borgo, Secretary – 0448 332 701

Can’t attend meetings, but have a few hours to volunteer? Please let us know that we are welcome to contact you by emailing

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Second Hand Uniform Shop January and February 2020
We need your help to do this!
Opening hours during these times will be advertised on Charis, the website and the Cornerstone College Facebook page once volunteers have signed up.

30th Anniversary Gala Dinner
Can you help us to celebrate? Calling all volunteers who would like to assist in the organisation of the 30th Anniversary Gala Dinner.

Would love to be involved with these events? Please let us know via email or call us!
Greg Hall, President – 0417 809 918
Colleen Bradfield, Vice President – 0401 576 550
Louise Borgo, Secretary – 0448 332 701

Current Fundraising Opportunities

You can enjoy thousands of valuable offers for everything you love to do, all while supporting fundraising for Cornerstone College P,T&F.