Middle School

Middle School (Years 7 – 9)

The transition from the primary years to secondary schooling is significant. At Cornerstone, your child will be guided and assisted through this pivotal period. Our Middle School consists of Years 7 – 9 and has a strong emphasis on providing opportunities for leadership, a broad curriculum and pastoral care specialised for young adolescents. A focus on flexible learning underpins our approach to the development of Middle School students in the spiritual, social, educational, cultural and physical aspects of their lives.

Engaging, inquiry-based learning is emphasised in the Middle School learning years. The curriculum is built around “Big Ideas” that enable integration of subjects. A focus is maintained on literacy and numeracy to provide a strong foundation to build upon in the Senior School years.

Year 7 students specifically participate in a broad curriculum to provide an opportunity to work in specialist areas such as the Arts, Technology, Science and Physical Education. As students move to Year 8 and 9 they are given increasing choice in their elective subjects to best match their strengths and passions.

Click here for an Overview of the Middle School Curriculum.

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