Mission and Values

Our Mission

We are a caring Christian community nurturing within students a growing relationship with Christ which promotes individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life.

Our Values

At Cornerstone, we seek to nurture individuals, who are aware of their humanity, are open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, and growing in and living according to a cohesive worldview. All while living in community and reflecting characteristics of God through core values, especially:

  • love
  • justice
  • compassion
  • forgiveness
  • service
  • humility
  • courage
  • hope
  • quality
  • appreciation

Our Community

At Cornerstone, we seek to be a community:

  • Of worship and service, sharing and living the good news of Jesus Christ
  • which acknowledges God as creator
  • which recognises that God has intentionally created each person and that each person is uniquely gifted to live in relationship with God and others
  • where grace abounds. While recognising the brokenness of humanity, they reflect the unconditional love of the Father, revealed through the saving work of his Son, Jesus
  • which is open to the influence of the Holy Spirit, who invites and equips for a life of worship, learning and service.
  • that values learning as God’s gift to people for their wonder, growth, and to inspire them to respond to the needs of the world
  • of hope, nurtured by the promises of God’s word, love and forgiveness which empower staff and students to embrace the future with confidence.