COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy was endorsed by the College Board at the Board Meeting held on Monday, 27 June 2022.

Parents, Caregivers or Visitors to the College are not required to provide COVID-19 vaccination status to gain entry to the College upon arrival and check-in at Main Reception or the Communications & Engagement Office.

People listed below are required to provide evidence of a minimum of 2, preferably 3 doses of TGA approved COVID-19 Vaccinations:

  • Volunteers;
  • Contractors, or employees of Contractors;
  • Temporary Relief Teachers;
  • Board and Finance Committee Members;
  • Cleaners;
  • Private or Instrumental Music Tutors; and
  • Staff;

Where a person has had 2 doses of TGA approved COVID-19 Vaccinations, they are required to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test prior to arrival (or onsite prior to gaining entry) and wear a surgical mask at all times whilst indoors, (other than incidental time indoors if working outdoors).

If a person in the list above wishes to enter the College and is not vaccinated against COVID-19, they are welcome to re-apply when their vaccination status changes to meet this requirement.

To facilitate ease of entry upon arrival at the College, we request that the persons listed above who are required to provide evidence of COVID-19 Vaccination engage with our online COVID-19 Vaccination registration process prior to arrival:

CLICK HERE  to provide evidence of COVID-19 Vaccination prior to arrival onsite

To engage with our visitor registration software (Sine Pro), you will need to establish a new account, or open up an existing Sine Pro account (if you have one already established), using your email address and password.

This COVID-19 Vaccination Policy does not apply to students.

Thank you for helping to keep our Cornerstone College community safe from the spread of COVID-19.