Rhett Fielke  |  Middle School Learning Leader

At Cornerstone College, one of our Strategic Intentions is to ‘Empower Innovative Teaching and Contemporary Learning’. Keeping up with current best practice in education is vitally important if we are to prepare our students for life beyond school in a world that is changing at an ever-increasing rate.

We are proud of the structures, pedagogies and methods of assessment that have been implemented at Cornerstone over the last 5 years, that are in line with what is considered best practice. We are also proud to have recently been recognised for our hard work in this area, by the leading Middle Schooling Association in Australia known as Adolescent Success, as one of only 6 schools throughout Australia and New Zealand to be awarded their Middle Years School of Excellence. https://adolescentsuccess.org.au/Recipients

This award was based on the work done in the Middle School to:

  • Implement a new structure at Year 8 that allows for Team Teaching and a deliberate focus on the Capabilities
  • Establish a new Year 9 subject called Ignite, which uses Inquiry Learning as its foundational pedagogy
  • Create and use Learning Progressions as an assessment method to highlight where students are at with their learning and their next steps of improvement.

This is all down to the hard-working, creative thinking and brave educators we have here at Cornerstone, who recognise that we don’t innovate just for innovation’s sake, we innovate and implement to allow our students to be prepared for an uncertain future and create positive change in their world.