“Cornerstone College is the right choice for my child and for my family. Starting our day dropping our son off at the College is such a pleasure. We stop for students, rabbits and ducks as we keep up to date with the electronic billboard on the way out. Right from the beginning, our child was made to feel welcome, and even in those shaky first days of High School, he knew he’d only have to ask and someone would be there to guide him, no matter how silly the question. Cornerstone offers all students a solid foundation to build upon, with great advice daily and staff who set the example. We feel that our whole family are a part of the school, and we are indeed so proud to be a part of such a lovely community.”  Mel Dee Dzelde

“We have had an excellent experience with our kids being in middle school at Cornerstone College.  The staff are incredibly supportive and actively help students that may be struggling with something, whether it be an academic issue or a personal issue. If there is a problem, action occurs promptly and isn’t delayed. Also, the facilities and opportunities to be involved with various sports and arts are amazing. We had heard from other parents in the College before our kids started, how excellent it is and how fantastic the staff are. Our expectations have definitely been met and I’m sure they will continue to be.” Cornerstone Parent

“I am a new student at Cornerstone College and it has been an amazing first few weeks. Everyone greeted me with open and enthusiastic arms. The College has this incredible vibe to it that keeps myself and the many other students with happy faces. The good and fun relationships I have already made between not just my fellow peers, but also my teachers, make learning something at school twice as much fun. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing College.” Current Student

“For me Cornerstone was more than just a great education; it was a whole lifestyle! The relationships I still have, not only with other students but my teachers, are something I’ll cherish for a long time!” Andrew (Old Scholar)