Whilst Julie Sampson is not retiring, she is concluding her service to Lutheran Education as she undertakes the role of Head of Secondary at Portside Christian College from 2022. LEA (Lutheran Education Australia) recognises significant service to Lutheran Education with an LEA Service Award, and I will be presenting this to Julie this evening on behalf of Dr Lisa Schmidt the Director of LEA. It also serves as a reflection on Julie’s contribution to Cornerstone College.

Julie has given service to Lutheran Education and Cornerstone College since 1995. Initially employed as a part time senior maths teacher, Julie has taught Mathematics across all years, and in all four Year 12 Mathematics subjects. Julie has also taught in the areas of Geography, Science, Christian Living and Social Education.

At Cornerstone College, Julie was a Moorak House Leader, Maths KLA Leader and undertook various acting roles, including Deputy Principal and Digital Technologies Leader. Julie supported the SACE Board of SA as a Maths and Geography exam marker, and as a member of the Special Provisions Consultation Panel. She was also selected as one of two SA maths advisors to ACARA for development of the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

Julie contributed to numerous extracurricular activities. She initiated the Maths Quiz Night, was involved in numerous year level camps, including the Year 11 Grampians bushwalk, Year 12 retreats and Year 11 ski trips, and coached Girls KO Basketball for almost 20 years, with two grand final appearances. In 2010 and 2016, she was privileged to travel with students and staff to China, and in 2016 undertook a teacher exchange with Cornerstone College’s sister school in Beijing.

Julie has been grateful for the many people who have positively influenced her career, and in particular Liz Pietsch, Lois Pfitzner and Mignon Weckert, who have been mentors to her as examples of strong and courageous female educational leaders.

Julie has been an influential and inspiring leader in a range of areas, both at Cornerstone College and in the wider educational community, creating an environment for innovation and risk taking.

Since 2008, Julie has been the Learning Director, where her wisdom, vision, courage, and persistence have sustained and strengthened the learning that occurs at Cornerstone College. She was instrumental in the implementation of New SACE, Australian Curriculum, and the introduction of Year 7.

Julie made a substantial contribution to the planning, transition, and implementation of Middle School at Cornerstone College. She was also instrumental in the building or redevelopment of many learning spaces, including Paideia, the Senior School Hub and Jing Si Lou.

Julie actively involved herself in extensive professional learning, educational networks, and advisory groups, where she gained insight and foresight to best learning practices. She led key initiatives and innovations at Cornerstone College that enabled students to experience a quality learning environment and widen the pathways and opportunities for students beyond the College. She has been a significant contributor to LILLC (Leaders in Lutheran Learning Communities) over many years and served as both Chairperson and on the Planning Executive. Julie led Cornerstone College’s engagement in a range of AISSA projects that have had a significant influence and a made tangible difference for student learning in both the public and private sector.

Julie has been an outstanding teacher and leader. She consistently displayed a love and deep understanding of learning, care and interest in students, and a passion to make a difference. Consistently underpinning all of this has been her humble and authentic Christian witness and service to others. We thank Julie for her 27 years of service to Lutheran Education.

Speech by Principal, Craig Fielke at the 2021 Year 11 & 12 Closing Celebration – Thursday, 25 November 2021