Natasha Cass – Adaptive Education Leader

Adaptive Education is an integral part of schooling at Cornerstone for many students. The care, support and flexible space are accessed by students from years 7-12 at various times throughout the day.

Once students enter their secondary school years, it is not unusual for them to begin wondering what the future holds. Are they able to complete their SACE certificate?

Will they find a job? Through Modified SACE programs and Life Skill lessons, the Adaptive Education staff cater for the needs of students. This practise makes a difference in students’ lives and adds value and enrichment to the curriculum offered at Cornerstone.

In senior school students work towards completing their SACE certificate. The SACE Board provides flexibility for schools to make reasonable adjustments in curriculum and assessment to enable students with disability to access and participate in SACE programs, and associated assessments, on the same basis as other students.

However, to meet the learning requirements of our high needs students, the SACE Board makes available a set of modified subjects.
Modified subjects are highly individualised subjects in which curriculum and assessment are designed around the development of one or more SACE capabilities and personal learning goals that are appropriate for the student.

This year students are engaging in a variety of modified SACE subjects tailored to enrich learning and improve learning outcomes. Adaptive Education staff design, write, resource and implement these highly demanding programs based on individual need.

Students are currently involved in the following subjects:

  • Modified: Business and Enterprise
  • Modified: English
  • Modified: Creative Arts
  • Modified: Maths
  • Modified: Research Project
  • Modified: Health

Running these programs allows students to achieve their SACE requirements, develop a sense of belonging and nurture self-respect as they are provided with opportunities to achieve success equal to their peers in a main stream school environment.