Craig Fielke – Principal

This has been a year of undeniable difference and challenge where the essence and value of community has been brought into sharp focus.

I have been so proud of our students and their resolve and capacity to navigate the ebb and flow of the challenges, disappointments, changes and adjustments made due to Covid-19.

I extend my earnest thanks to the families and friends of Cornerstone – you are wonderful partners, advocates and supporters of our College, and your understanding and support of the decisions we had to make this year as we responded to Covid-19 has been deeply appreciated.

The passionate and dedicated staff at Cornerstone are a wonderful blessing to our College. It has been even more clearly evident this year that they have the care and learning of students as their central focus. In trying circumstances, they have shown a strong team spirit, and an unwavering commitment to establish and sustain high quality and respectful relationships with their students. It is a humble privilege to lead such a great team of talented professionals and I express my sincere thanks to them.

May faith, hope, joy, peace and love light your path over Christmas and the holiday period. We look forward to hearing of summer adventures when students return and the 2021 College year commences in a way in which we are more accustomed.