Craig Fielke – Principal

I would like to thank the contribution from our community in helping to develop our strategic plan – To 30 Years and Beyond.

We are in the final phases of aligning key statements to achievable action plans, and the living document will be published for the beginning of the 2019 school year.

One exciting theme that flowed from our consultations is the opportunity to build upon the ongoing developments the College has sustained since being established, by reviewing our current, and recreating a Master Plan for the next 5-10 years of the College.

The Cornerstone College Board is in the process of engaging expert external advisors to support the discussions and preparation for the next phase of master planning for the College. During 2019, the College community will be consulted to capture the hopes, dreams and visions that will provide a foundation for our future planning.

The Master Planning Project will enable us to continue to deliver and provide a unique learning environment that allows an holistic approach to learning, a distinct sense of belonging for students, clarity in understanding and capacity to explore, create and innovate.

It is also vital to recognise that relationships are crucial in developing a sense of wellbeing and a focus on learning, and that we continue to create an environment that is connected, stimulating and empowering.

By utilising research, consultations and networking with a wide range of experts, students, staff and families, we will be able to continue providing rich and deep learning experiences for our students well into the 21st century.

I look forward to the invaluable input from our community over the coming months.