Craig Fielke – Principal

Cornerstone College continues to be privileged to maintain and extend our connection with Dr Tom Nehmy. For the last four years, Tom has led and facilitated the Healthy Minds Program as part of the Year 8 curriculum. During Term 3, students and their parents are provided with information and tools to understand and utilise such concepts as:

  • The keys to understanding the function of emotions, and the most helpful ways of navigating our emotional lives Psychological flexibility
  • Realistic thinking
  • Self-compassion as an antidote to self-criticism (and why this is far more important than self-esteem)
  • Challenging the unrealistic media ideals that promote body-image dissatisfaction
  • The cultivation of gratitude as an every day perspective (it has been shown to improve sleep, immune system function, and wellbeing)
  • The motivational techniques that change problem behaviours into helpful, healthy, and high-performance behaviours

I strongly value the work of Tom, and the tangibly practical means to access and embed the habits that make an ongoing difference for our wellbeing.
Tom’s work has been internationally recognised and his Healthy Minds Program for schools is continuing to gain attention and momentum, and Cornerstone will continue to explore ways to stretch and deepen the program.

At the beginning of this year, Tom spent a day with our staff to further explore and share ways to support ongoing staff wellbeing. This included resources and an initial 30-day challenge to reflect upon and practice the habits deemed critical for an ongoing healthy mind. This will be an enduring focus for our staff.

Many of the underlying values, structures and practices across all year levels at Cornerstone can be matched as elements of Tom’s Healthy Minds framework, and during 2019, our Wellbeing Director, Jamie Cameron, is working with a small focus team to better map and express these connections.

Parents of Year 8 students would already be aware of what is planned for Term 3, which includes a Parent Forum on Tuesday, 23 July from 7pm. I strongly encourage all Year 8 parents to attend this evening and encourage other parents who may be interested.

You may also like to visit The Healthy Minds website

The educational landscape is continuing to evolve, and as we refine and redefine the essential components, careful consideration of the underlying research and worthwhile outcomes is prudent. Wellbeing is one such component and one we deeply understand at Cornerstone College and know is critical for the sustained health and learning of our entire community.