Shane Schoff – Deputy Principal

Learning is at the heart of what we do at Cornerstone. ‘We love, we learn, we grow’ emphasises, not only the value we place on learning, but our holistic approach through caring relationships that promote growth in young people.

It is not just young people who are learning. A thriving learning community is full of thriving learners, teachers and support staff included. Our staff, both individually and collaboratively, are engaged in ongoing professional learning to grow and develop their skills and capabilities to ultimately enhance the learning of students.

All teaching staff develop an annual Professional Learning Plan that is supported by Professional Learning Team Leaders. Each year half our teaching staff present and share their learning at our annual professional learning expo in December.

Culturally, this is an important time for our staff, as it is time prioritised to share and engage in learning with other staff.

A new initiative this year is an opportunity for staff to work collaboratively on a Professional Learning Project.

A number of staff are involved with two projects investigating the following questions:

  • How can we evaluate the impact of our teaching?
  • How can we increase student motivation to learn and appreciate learning?

The longer-term vision is to provide a robust and flexible approach for staff professional learning that strengthens relationships and collaborative skills while building a collective responsibility for improvement.

The aim includes building a culture of innovation in our professional learning that empowers staff to try new ideas and ultimately improve student learning.

When I am immersed in learning I seem to lose track of time. The same happens when others engage me in their own learning. Whether it is student learning or staff learning, there is a strong sense of thriving when we are growing and being stretched in our capacity.