Julie Sampson | Learning Director

I have been taking French language lessons at Alliance Française d’Adelaide for a number of years. I don’t really know why, but I have had a fascination with all things French since a young child. Growing up in a small country town, I didn’t have the chance to learn a foreign language at school, and have only just taken on the challenge in my more mature years as a learner.

Last week, I was grappling with the grammar of ce qui and ce que related to objects and subjects. It is hard, and I don’t understand some of the grammatical terms in English, let alone work them out in French. But I persevere. It is an enjoyable hobby, where I meet interesting people, and I have gained a basic level of French understanding which continues to improve from term to term.

It got me thinking about lifelong learning. This is part of our mission at Cornerstone College.

“We are a caring Christian community nurturing within students a growing relationship with Christ which promotes individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life.”

We promote a love of learning in our students “for life”. I interpret this two ways. We want our students to have the skills, knowledge and capabilities for their future, so they can contribute meaningfully to the wider community through work and/or service. But we also hope they take on a love of learning “for life”, to continue to grow and develop, learn new things and take on new challenges in work, hobbies, community activities, sport and family life.

We continue to encourage our students (and ourselves as lifelong learners) to:

  • Seek new opportunities – to move out of their comfort zone in their learning
  • Embrace change – to know that change is part of life and leads to personal and professional growth
  • Be curious – seek to understand how the world works
  • Set goals – to know what they want and work to achieve it
  • Persevere – don’t throw in the towel, work hard and ask for help when needed.

We commend our Year 12 students who have shown these traits this year and pray that they can persevere, to finish well, as they complete their final assignments and exams. We continue to work to build these qualities in all our students and staff.

And I leave you with one final thought for us all. “Lifelong learners believe it’s never too late. Lifelong learners know that an old dog can learn new tricks if that dog is so inclined. Age is not a factor in picking up a new skill or hobby.”