Craig Fielke – Principal

Cornerstone College has been recognised as one of just 44 schools across Australia in The Educator’s Innovative Schools Awards for 2019.

The Award recognises schools at the cutting edge of change and innovation in Australia. In particular, Cornerstone College was recognised for the innovative teaching and contemporary learning practices of the Middle School.
“The inspirational programs and initiatives showcased in the report prove that quality teaching is alive and well in Australian schools.

It should be noted that the report only offers a small snapshot of the ground-breaking work being done in these schools to improve the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Australia’s young people.” Brett Henebery, Editor of ‘The Educator’.

Cornerstone will always have a strong and deliberate focus on underpinning core skills connected to numeracy and literacy, and specific subject disciplines.

The College has been working to enable a more integrated approach in lower Middle School, with an ability to utilise team teaching, when appropriate, across the learning areas of English, Science, Mathematics and Humanities. Teaching teams are given allocated time to plan, prepare learning experiences and moderate student work.

These subjects are integrated using lines of inquiry such as ‘Fake News – How can we identify the truth?’ or ‘Contagion – Will we survive the next major pandemic?’

A more intentional and purposeful approach is also being taken to teach the General Capabilities of The Australian Curriculum by using a ‘6Cs model’ of Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Control of Learning and Connections.

The 6Cs have been deconstructed and taught so students know how to improve in these capabilities.

The Middle School has also moved to an assessment model where learning progressions based on the Australian Curriculum achievement standards are used.

The goal is to have learning progressions used across the Middle School so that teachers, parents and students can clearly see a student’s current individual learning level, recognise growth in the student’s learning and know what the next steps are for progress.

The flow, scope and sequence into and through Senior School has also been an important consideration and driver in our Middle School teaching model.
Students continue to develop the necessary understanding within specified learning areas and subjects, whilst building a greater understanding and capacity in skills and dispositions necessary for the 21st century.

I am extremely proud of the outstanding expertise, commitment and care demonstrated daily by the staff at Cornerstone College, and the quality of the learning experience they consistently provide.